Junk Life

Old buildings slated for destruction are marked with the character 拆. This is like a biopolitical sign upon the walls of Sodom and Gomorrah. They will be razed for the sin of being undevelopable. These neighborhoods are strewn with the rubble of Mahjong pieces, and shredded portraits of Liu Shaoxi. The few remaining inhabitants sort recycling, or else they cling catatonically to their stained robes and sulking zithers. For shame that crew won’t meet the gaze upon their sinking ship. Yet chance remains unabolished in the lexography of this character 拆:

拆字: a literary practice where verses are disassembled and recombined for purposes of divination
拆封: the opening of sealed envelopes
拆穿: the exposing of plots of schemes
拆卸:the dismantling of machinery for purposes of maintenance or cleaning
拆散: the dissolving of relationships such as marriages or business partnerships

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