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Old Ontology

I have some disdain for a prevailing boyishness that insists on irreligious anarchism. This is a way of going too far that was popularized by the perversity of Joyce, Proust, Barthes… the absence of master signifiers is the source of … Continue reading

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The Failure of OOO

Zizek has an Hegelian strategy of intentional failure, where the goal is not complete final failure, but rather a superior failure that prepares the ground for phoenixes and resurrections. Today I think it is important to consider OOO as such … Continue reading

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The Liberal Void

Levi Bryant posted this week on Epicurean ethics. He ends with a great question – (paraphrased) what does Kantian ethics have that ancient ethics was missing?  The answer is that Epicurus does not lack modern ethics, but rather he lacks recent history. … Continue reading

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Realism Compromised

With so many renegade scholars now interested in Speculative Realism, the movement naturally becomes an ideal topic for philosophy blogging. This topic naturally evolves its own genre of writing. What’s perhaps most distinctive is the argumentative or rhetorical writing style … Continue reading

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