The Future of Literature

The symbolist poem clears out the literary field by separating the subject (who memorizes the poem) from itself thereby setting desire into motion through the wreckage of a symbolic deadlock.  Literature is the process of making a subject adequate to participate in the returns of capital, and this means sufficient alienation, the subsequent forgetting of alienation, and then naive self-seduction. As the subject approaches some limit thresholds of forgotten alienation, they spontaneously issue forth the prayers and love letters which inaugurate the market cycle, and summon investment on original terms and values.  The deadlock is the symbolic anchor where literature interpolates the situation, and if that anchoring is lost then the subject loses the constitutive difference of its own self-reference in a flood of jouissance.  Literature in this sense is the making of the law, which is the essential separation of the subject from itself.  The symbolic deadlock is the cloud-engine of vague shifting substitutions such as in Sophocles or Shakespeare, but today we need a Sophocles in Egypt, and a Shakespeare in Thailand.  The difficulty is to conceive a deadlock complex enough to support maximum subjectivity where everyone can be temporarily interpolated, and which thereby defers the accumulation of residual jouissance. This way literature is a quest for an impossible giant thing where all events are coded before they happen. The writing of this thing was once proposed as something called the body without organs, which was the passive syntheses of depression, hysteria, trauma…. a failure which is the genesis of the subject’s internal separations, giving it internal spacing through solitude, boredom, alienation… a pathology between hysteria and individuation, the primary synthesis that gives the subject to itself as the distance of alterity.  The world of literature is a world of failed abstraction, where everyone fails to fly because they are caught in chronological finitude, everywhere lame birds wounded by linear time.  “go away, no one is prepared, there wasn’t enough time”… wounded and deadened in so many ways.  Financial crises is the same as obsessive neurosis, and that is what literature aims to overcome with superior deadlocks.  Complex struggles are underway over the values of presence, and literature operates within the popular strife over the matrices and assessmental algorhythms of the market.  Literature purifies life by removing the organic and qualic, which are the meaness of concrete prehension, and raises failure to a symbolic dignity.  The real struggle for the succession of humanity is over the models for the symbolic deadlock that codify the pressure of life at its source.

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