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Review of “Debt: The First 5000 Years” by David Graeber

The history of debt is a vast and consequential topic that remains understudied. So there is no way this book could live up to its title. Much work remains to be done before anyone could produce a satisfying summary of … Continue reading

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Note on Capital and History

Before history, humans were subordinated to the gods, and that limited their ambitions. The gods were the stabilizing guarantee that prevented history. Prehistory was the time when the relation with divinity afforded stability in knowledge, economy, psychology and society.  Generally … Continue reading

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Mental Models in Language Education

The importance of context is well established among language teachers.  Words spoken without context do not express any sense.  The students are just parroting, or repeating mechanical operations, and such activity is not beneficial. If a student is not expressing … Continue reading

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Molecular Sinology

Newspapers are reporting a political crises in China, and some have even predicted the imminent demise of the communist state. The end of the Soviet Union is getting discussed, and president Xi is getting portrayed as an anti-Gorbachev, because he … Continue reading

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