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The Allegorical Spirit of Antiquity

Allegory is a struggle of antiquity to express herself under contemporary conditions, and that is why it always appears as an enigma. The enigma can never be totally absolved, because there is always something of the past which can never … Continue reading

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Wild Ideas

I’ve been exploring how Gilles Deleuze’s Neoplatonism can be a vehicle for social critique. Neoplatonism of course concerns the veneration of ideas, whereas for Deleuze these ideas were not so ideal, but rather ‘problematic’. This way they lose the permanence … Continue reading

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The Means of Literature

The concept of literature received attention in the decades following Maurice Blanchot’s books of the mid-20th century. Those books induced a suspension of generic segregations, which bifurcated the forms of linguistic communication and initiated adventures into unprecedented literacies. Such experimentation … Continue reading

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