Zegreus Moole

This is the blog of Aaron Campbell (aka Zegreus Moole), an itinerant language teacher of Canadian citizenship who migrates around East Asia. These writings might be classified as discourse poetic, horticultural aesthetic, or planetary dialectic. This literature is crossing the limits of European culture, transitioning from Hegelian history into a Schellingian geohistory oriented in east asia. This involves an aesthetic sublation of political-economy, and a broad move away from Aristotelian subject-activism and towards an inter-passive Platonist ontology. This constructs a low-vitality world at high abstraction and exhibits quietist tendencies. Some dabbling with rhetorical points is geared towards the staging of tableaus of encounters. The principle theoretical references are Benjamin, Deleuze and Lacan, though there is very little discussion of their writings. These are original attempts at contemporary thinking, drawing on a broad tradition of classic continental European philosophy. -ZM


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